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Our vision at Paradise Pilates is to inspire individuals of all ages and fitness levels to embrace the strength, flexibility, and balance that Pilates brings to their lives.


Through innovation, inclusivity, and commitment to client satisfaction we aim to create a sanctuary where health and happiness flourish, and our clients find their paradise.

Dynamic, Inclusive, Targeted

Our fun & engaging method adds a contemporary flair to the beloved Pilates tradition. Our classes ensure a comprehensive full-body workout no matter which class you attend. Get ready to feel invigorated as you enhance your muscular strength, balance, alignment, & flexibility

Paradise Power: Athletic Reformer 

Welcome to our signature, mixed equipment class! This contemporary Pilates class focuses on core strengthening, muscle lengthening, and body sculpting. Our expert instructors guide you through movements using the Pilates reformer, EXO Chair, and other props giving you all the shakes and burn you crave. Don’t be nervous about jumping right in Paradise Power is suitable for all skill levels.  

Jump to Paradise: Cardio Reformer 

Get a full-body, high intensity, low impact, Pilates workout using the Pilates jumpboard. Elevate your heart rate, burn calories, improve coordination, and sculpt muscles in the dynamic class.

Paradise Renewal: Stretch & Refresh: 

Take a moment to slowdown and engage in a revitalizing session for your body. Our stretch & refresh is an open level restorative class designed to increase flexibility and mobility. Using the reformer and other props you’ll move through a series of dynamic & static stretches all aimed at averting injuries and alleviating stress & tension. 

Paradise Special: Arms, Abs & Glutes

This specialty class focuses exclusively on sculpting every part of your arms, core, and glutes. 

Very first class:

Intro Class (Must Take This Class First): New to Reformer Pilates? This is where to start. This introductory class gets you familiar with the reformer, instructors and cues. All new clients need to take this class first. If booking with a friend who is a member, they can come too.

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