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Visited Paradise Pilates while on vacation and loved it. Even had a private event with my family and it was so much fun. Erin and Ally were so knowledgeable and welcoming. Highly recommend!


I love this place! The instructors are knowledgeable & patient. Attending class is one of the highlights of my week. If you’re on the fence, just tey it!


I can’t say enough amazing things about Erin and her teaching abilities! She’s such an amazing instructor and creates such a safe and welcoming space. Thank you Erin!


I have always loved reformer Pilates and was so excited when Paradise Pilates opened in Surf City! The instructors are amazing and it is a great environment. Highly recommend!!


So amazing! The classes are great for all levels and it’s always a good workout. The building is so clean, bright and welcoming. So happy there is finally Pilates close in the Surf City area!!


Loving pilates! Erin is an awesome instructor/teacher! Each class has been different so far and I have taken a bunch of them! My body craves more pilates…what more can I say…give it a try :)


I am so very thankful that Erin opened Paradise Pilates TI. I love pilates and Erin and Katie are wonderful, well-trained caring instructors.


I love Paradise Pilates TI! I had never worked out on a reformer before and was hesitant due to injuries. Erin and her team are great about giving guidance or modifications to prevent injuries while helping you strengthen those same areas to avoid future issues. I am hooked!


I was so excited to hear about Paradise Pilates coming to Surf City! I have done a couple of intro classes with Erin, and her love for Pilates and ability to teach others is amazing! I am thrilled to be a part of this new and growing community!


Took my first Pilates class today and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was nervous due to being a newbie but I felt at ease the entire class and immediately bought more classes after I left. The studio is beautiful and the small class size allows the instructor to ensure you’re using the correct mechanics which was perfect for a newbie like me. Such a great addition to surf city!


I have never done Pilates before and I am now hooked. Erin is fabulous! I particularly like that I have a scheduled appointment time and Erin tells me exactly what to do, keeping me on track! I have finally found something I can do that does not hurt my existing back issues however I actually feel like I am getting in better shape each time I attend a class. I have always been an athlete and thought the only way to be in shape or stay in shape is to work out hard for hours on end. I have been out of shape for many years due to some medical issues that I have allowed to dictate what I can and can not do. I have tried several things including personal training and just did not have good results. I was able to attend 5 classes this past week and can feel the difference. I will continue this new adventure and can't wait to see how much better I will feel. Thank you Erin, for starting something in our community that I feel will help so many people. I look forward to bringing all my friends in to try it out for themselves!


Erin has the cutest studio, with the best vibes. I’ve taken classes with all three instructors and will continue to do so. I go to classes daily, as it’s so convenient to home and I have made some great friends in the past two months! I am so grateful to have a reformer studio local to us and can’t wait to see the growth it has in years to come.


Paradise Pilates has been so much more than what I thought I signed up for, in the best way! It’s professional, clean and there’s no time wasted. I really appreciate Erin’s approach to how she teaches and I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Surf City needed this place for a long time! 10/10 recommend!


Surf City needed Paradise Pilates! The environment is friendly, inviting, and uplifting. It’s a joy to walk in day after day, despite the physical challenge of each class. I’ve taken classes with Erin, Katie and Ally and all 3 are helpful guides on my new Pilates journey. The aesthetic is perfection. 10/10, you should try it.


I’ve been attending Pilates classes at Paradise for a couple months now and it’s been such an amazing experience. Beyond the beautiful studio are instructors that care about you. The variety in classes and the different progressions taught make the classes enjoyable for all types of people. Couldn’t recommend taking a class at paradise whether you’re local or just visiting the area!


I was more than thrilled to find out surf city has a new reformer Pilates studio because the only others are 25+ miles away! It couldn’t have come at better timing as I was hoping to find a community such as this to surround myself with while my husband is deployed and during my pregnancy. Fitness has always been a passion of mine and more specifically Pilates in recent years. The physical and mental benefits I’ve personally experienced practicing Pilates is monumental. This studio exceeded my expectations! Erin was so sweet and inviting. I can’t wait to continue to come to weekly classes.


I've never done Pilates with a Reformer and was excited, yet hesitant to give Paradise Pilates a try. The instructor, Erin has made this experience fun and challenging. Although a group setting (private classes are available too), I feel it's most similar to private sessions that I've had with a personal trainer. Erin, gives individual corrections and assistance. The feeling and your surroundings are upbeat, light and fun. The hour absolutely flies by. If you are middle aged (or any age) and hesitant to try Paradise Pilates DON'T be. You will fully enjoy the experience.


I've been waiting for a Pilates Studio to open in Surf City since we moved here 4 years ago. I am thrilled with Erin's new Paradise Pilates studio. It is so much better than the franchise studios in the cities. She is doing an amazing job! She now has two new instructors that are wonderful additions. I love this new community and I'm getting healthier and in better shape every day. Thank you, Paradise Pilates, for being here!


Whether preparing for a class or a private session, she loves to think outside the box, always seeking fun, new techniques and unique cues to help train and inspire her clients. Her focus on each individual’s needs while promoting camaraderie in every class is energizing and encouraging. Erin’s expertise, attention to detail, and care for her clients truly make her stand out as an instructor.


Erin brings positive energy and vibes to every class she teaches. Even on days I do not feel like working out she manages to get the best out of me, and I always leave with a smile on my face. As a working mom, Erin works with me to fit my busy schedule. As my skill level has increased, she has managed to keep her classes & privates appropriately challenging.


Pilates has been my favorite workout for 15 years but I took some time off after I had kids. I got back into it a year ago and Erin’s classes were a big reason I went from a 4 class per month package to unlimited classes. Her classes were athletic and challenging and usually full. You can tell she has a passion for Pilates and teaching. Erin was always challenging us with new variations of exercises but also her classes flowed easily. She is one of my all-time favorite Pilates instructors.


Paradise Pilates has been the best thing ever these past few months! I started attending classes at the beginning of my 3rd trimester of pregnancy and was a little worried about how things would go being so pregnant, but Erin has made the transition so easy and always has the perfect modifications for me when needed. She also supplies the studio with pregnancy wedges for any expecting mamas, which is such a nice perk so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own! I just love having a low impact workout that still makes me feel strong and accomplished while pregnant, and Paradise Pilates has supplied just that. I have also heard that Pilates is great for your pelvic floor, and can already tell it’s helped me so much throughout my last stages of pregnancy. Can’t wait to continue my Pilates journey postpartum as well!


Love this studio!! The best addition to the services offered in the area. Paradise Pilates TI has the professionalism and class of a big city Pilates studio with the welcoming feel and comfort of a small town business. The class was challenging but offered great modifications to accommodate all levels of skill, and I left feeling like I got a great workout. It’s the perfect early morning class for a great workout without the loud, bright group class experience. If you’re a local or a visitor to the area, I highly recommend trying a class at Paradise Pilates TI! 🩷


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